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Tax and Revenue Director at WV State Tax Department

Posted on 2/25/2022

Contact Info

Name Bridget Casto
Address 1001 Lee Street, East
Charleston, WV 25339
Phone 304-558-4539

The West Virginia State Tax Department is seeking a Tax and Revenue Director to lead its Property Tax Division, located in Charleston, West Virginia. This individual will support the Tax Commissioner and the Office of the Cabinet Secretary for the Department of Revenue in the administration of property taxes in West Virginia. This support and oversight enable the counties to bill and collect nearly $1.8 billion of revenue to fund county governmental and public education programs and functions.
Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Ensure efficient and consistent operation of the Property Tax Division to ensure counties have access to information and resources required to bill and collect property taxes. Coordinate workflow based on staff availability in each office location, general workload demands across the area of responsibility, and reviewing work of subordinate supervisors and frontline staff. This position is responsible for personnel matters, staff development and training, and other related employee relations functions in the Human Resources group.
• Provide oversight and administrative direction to professional staff responsible for assessing and defending the values applied to industrial, natural resource, and public utility properties.
• Produce and defend fiscal notes related to legislative proposals impacting property tax administration in West Virginia is a regular task. Analyze and interpret various state and federal statutes on matters related to property tax as they apply to tax administration, including consultation with the Tax Department's General Counsel and Legal Division, and the Attorney General's Office on interpretation and application of applicable law. Assist in the preparation of factual materials for court proceedings.
• Will give public representations regularly, including Annual Assessors Conferences, Basic Assessors Training (BAT) classes provided to the counties, Property Valuation Training and Procedures Commission (PVC), Legislative Hearings and Testimony, Administrative and Judicial Hearings, local, state, and national tax groups, civic groups, and business/trade associations and other educational and information events.
• Some travel is required.
Key skills and abilities:
• An in-depth conversational and technical knowledge of current West Virginia Property Tax law, rule, and policy is highly preferred.
• Superb written and oral communication skills with individuals of various socioeconomic, political, educational, and geographic backgrounds.
• The ability to remain calm in the face of hostility and confusion.
• Comfort and advanced skills in public speaking and presentation of complex and technical data analysis.
Applicants are subject to a background and tax compliance check.

Position #0702P00357