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Bank Internal Auditor at Miners & Merchants Bank

Posted on 10/28/2022

Contact Info

Name Jenny Newland
Address PO Box 189
16000 Appalachian Highway
Thomas, WV 26292
Phone 304-463-4155

Bank internal auditor will responsible for performing objective, independent, and reliable assessments of the effectiveness of a bank’s risk management activities, its compliance with applicable regulations, and its internal control-environment. Duties may include the following tasks:

Examine and evaluate the effectiveness and adequacy of the internal control systems
Perform review of the effectiveness and application of risk assessment methodologies and risk management procedures
Review financial and management information systems, including the electronic banking services and electronic information system
Review financial reports and accounting records for accuracy and reliability
Perform review of means, techniques, or methods of safeguarding assets
Perform review of system applied by the bank in evaluating its capital vs estimated risk
Perform evaluation of the economy and operational efficiency
Perform test on both the functioning of specific internal control procedures and transactions
Perform review on established systems for ensuring codes of conduct, compliance with regulatory and legal requirements, and the implementation of procedures and policies
Perform special investigations; and carry out tests on the timeliness and reliability of the regulatory reporting.