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Reporting Bond Premiums on Taxable and Tax-Exempt Securities

01.26.23 1:00PM – 01.26.23 3:00PM





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General Info

Forms 1099 are being released later each year, and they're more confusing than ever; especially those related to fixed income securities. In this course, we'll go over the contents of page one of 1099, explain how it differs from the backup material; and how to report it all correctly.
  • History of current 1099 reporting of fixed income securities
  • Elections versus required reporting
  • Examples using actual 1099 forms
  • Recognize Covered vs. Non-Covered Securities
  • Identify the differences between Bond Premium, Acquisition Premium and Accrued Market Discount
  • Determine how 1099 information for bonds is reported on Forms 1040 and 1041
Designed For
Staff at all levels focused on compliance and 1099 reporting. Financial planners recommending fixed income securities.
CalCPA Education Foundation
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