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Entity Choice: Federal Taxation of Business Operation

01.26.23 11:00AM – 01.26.23 12:00PM





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General Info

The current taxation of business operations is a visible recurring focus of tax planning. The choice to use a particular legal entity is a significant factor in this planning process. This course considers the comparative federal tax consequences of operating the business as a partnership entity or a corporation with or without an S corporation election.
  • Basics of the taxation of partnerships, S corporations, corporations not making the S election
  • Tax rates applicable to taxable income reported by a corporation not making the S corporation election
  • Tax rates applicable to ordinary taxable income of partnerships and S corporations which is allocated to individual taxpayers
  • Tax rates applicable to long term capital gain allocated to individual partners or shareholders of S corporations
  • Comparison of corporate and individual tax rates
  • Tax planning opportunities using differences in tax rates
  • Comparison of tax savings for losses based on the choice of entity
  • The self-employment tax and FICA/ Medicare taxes
  • The individual alternative minimum tax
  • Identify and evaluate differences in tax rates applicable to corporations and individuals
  • Analyze the significance of differences between the corporate and individual treatment of capital gains and losses
  • Understand the importance of the self-employment tax and FICA/ Medicare taxes
  • Consideration of the importance of the individual alternative minimum tax
  • Identify and analyze tax planning opportunities using differences in tax rates
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CPA's, financial professionals, attorneys, and other tax practitioners
CalCPA Education Foundation
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