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ACPEN Signature: 2022 Handling IRS Audits and Collections Today

01.27.23 2:00PM – 01.27.23 10:00PM





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General Info


Between Covid protocols and procedural changes, as tax professionals we are facing challenges handling IRS audits and collection cases.  This course will cover preparing for the audit which includes the types of audits, handling client expectations, working with the auditors, confidentiality and the Kovel Agreement.  We will also address issues that arise during the audit including requests for extensions of the assessment statute; surprises; handling tricky issues; and expanded audits. Finally, we will discuss the end of the audit including the options your client has. Appeals? Should the case go to tax court?  What happens then?

There are several times where it is appropriate to reopen and audit.  We will discuss the benefits of the various ways. In the collection arena we will discuss how the case gets to collection, the types of IRS collectors and what each can do.  We will cover the methods of resolving a balance due issue; preparing the forms for collection, allowable expenses.  As it relates to appeals, we will cover the different types of resolution and what to watch out for in working a collection case.  We will also discuss the differences between handling an income tax collection case versus a payroll tax case.  As well as the steps the tax preparer can take to prepare their client and help them to cure the problems.  

The IRS has several enforcement tools.  We will review how to represent your client when the different types of collection tools are used.  This will include liens and the different types of certificates available when a lien has been filed; levy actions including levies on business assets; and when to worry that the case could be referred to Criminal Investigation.  

Finally, we will address the different ways to appeal proposed actions as well as handling actions already taken and handling the case in Appeals.  

**Please Note:  If you need credit reported to the IRS for this IRS approved program, please download the IRS CE request form on the Course Materials Tab and submit to

  • Preparing for an IRS audit 
  • Types of audits
  • Confidentiality and the Kovel Agreement
  • Issues that arise during the audit
  • Post Audit Client Options
  • Issues Related to Collections and the Types of Collectors
  • Methods for Resolving Balance Due Situations
  • Income Tax vs. Payroll Tax Issues
  • Preparing your client to Understand and Resolve Issues
  • Options for Appeals
  • Recognize IRS structure and organization and the rules regarding the audit and examination of returns,
  • Recognize and understand the appeals process with the IRS
  • Identify the collection process and penalty provisions in the IRS Code, and
  • Identify some practical suggestions for managing the IRS audit.
Designed For
CPAs in public practice who prepare tax returns and represent their clients on IRS examinations
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