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K2'S Windows 11 - What End Users Need To Know

01.26.23 12:00PM – 01.26.23 1:40PM





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General Info


A burning question on the minds of many is, “What features should I use in Windows 11?” Presented with end-users in mind, in this session, you will get the answer you need to that question and others, all delivered in the context of improving productivity and security.

Among other topics, you will learn about improvements in virtual desktops, changes to the user interface, customization options, and more. If you’re using Windows 11 now or plan to upgrade soon, this is a must-see session to help you make the most of your upgrade.


  • Productivity improvements in Windows 11
  • How to work with virtual desktops
  • Customizing the user environment
  • Improved security tools available in Windows 11
  • Identify the process for managing open windows in Windows 11 using Snap Assist
  • List an example of a security improvement in Windows 11
  • Identify the process of re-positioning the taskbar
  • Define “widgets” in Windows 11 and identify how to add them
Designed For
Business professionals who are seeking to stay abreast of major technology developments
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