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Excel PivotTables - Powerful and Not Hard to Use.Really!

02.23.18 9:30AM – 02.23.18 5:00PM





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General Info


 Excel users that regularly manipulate, analyze, or present data can improve their productivity substantially by utilizing PivotTables. Many users avoid PivotTables even though they know how powerful they are because they believe PivotTables are confusing to work with and hard to use. Additionally, many people know that PivotTables provide benefit but do not realize the depth of capabilities that this reporting and analysis feature possesses. This session shows users that with a basic understanding of PivotTable conventions, the intimidation factor disappears. Additionally, it details the robust feature set built into PivotTables. This course also spends time providing information about Excel Tables, which are helpful as a stand-alone feature, but also can be used to enhance PivotTable reporting.

  •    Introducing PivotTables
  •   Working with Excel tables
  •   Connecting PivotTables to external data
  •   Extended PivotTable functionality
  •   Creating calculations in PivotTables
  •  Using PowerPivot and creating PivotCharts

 Once participants have completed this session they should be able to:

  •   Understand the underlying concepts and conventions that drive PivotTable operation
  •   List four important components used when creating and working with PivotTables
  •   Understand the benefits of using Excel Tables, not only with PivotTables but as stand-   alone objects
  •   Explain ways to improve data presentation in PivotTables with:
  •   Automatic and custom groups
  •   PivotTable options
  •   The Design tab of the PivotTable tools ribbon add-In
  •   Formatting, sorting and filtering features in Excel
  •   Understand calculations including calculated fields and calculated items
  •  Create and modify PivotCharts
Designed For

 Accounting and other business professionals that work in Excel to analyze and report upon data who want to utilize the power of PivotTables.

CalCPA Education Foundation
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