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Reporting Information with Excel

03.06.18 1:00PM – 03.06.18 3:00PM





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General Info


 Many accounting and business professional could effectively use Microsoft Excel as a report generation tool to great success because of powerful analysis functionality, formatting capabilities and graphical output creation tools the application possesses. The material delves into ways to make both financial and non-financial data “pop” as it is presented with Excel. It discusses cell formats, conditional formatting, ways to summarize data quickly and easily, time-saving oft used formulas that can help make reports more actuate, and the powerful Excel charting engine. Those that regularly report information using Excel will benefit greatly by taking this course.

  •    The power of Excel tables
  •   Report enhancing functions and formulas
  •   Using Excel templates
  •   Cell formatting and conditional cell formatting

 Once participants have completed this session they should be able to:

  •   Work with cell formats to enhance the presentation of information
  •   Use formulas to check the accuracy of information and to present information in a more automated fashion
  •   Create Excel templates to save time and add consistency to reports
  •   Use tables to enhance Excel-based reports
Designed For

 Accountants and business professionals that wish to become more proficient using Excel as a report creation tool

CalCPA Education Foundation
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