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Success Leaves Clues: Exploring Next Practices of Extraordinary Firms: Leadership

02.27.18 1:00PM – 02.27.18 3:00PM





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General Info


Why leadership? Because our Profession is over-managed and under-led.

Leading a CPA firm has been referred to as “herding cats.” Acquire a foundation in leadership theory and skills necessary to drive superior firm and departmental performance. Knowledge workers are not managed—they are led and more effectively guided. Effective firm leaders develop superior professionals, enjoy less stress and maintain a better quality of life. Additionally, cover topics that address how effective leaders: balance long-range objectives with current realities, clearly communicate core objectives and values, motivate others to perform at high levels and remove barriers that constrain others.

Materials are provided as an ebook for this course.

  • The differences between management and leadership
  • Identifying and maximizing leadership potential
  • Overcoming leadership failures
  • Integrating leadership vision into CPA firm realities
  • Balancing formal and informal leadership attributes
  • Firm leadership transition issues
  • Generational leadership issues
  • Empowering new firm leaders
  • Determine how leadership influences firm performance—both in financial and non-financial measures.
  • Recognize how current theories on successful leadership techniques apply to knowledge workers.
  • Identify behaviors associated with destructive leadership attributes.
  • Develop tools designed to reward successful leadership behaviors.
Designed For

CPAs in public practice, industry or government who have, or desire to have, leadership positions.

CalCPA Education Foundation
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