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5 Steps to Cultivate a Values-Based Approach to Governance

05.27.23 4:00PM – 05.27.23 5:09PM





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<span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif">Emerging from the pandemic is a workplace culture governed by values. Far from a soft approach, it can drive significant business results. Organizations that embrace an empathetic culture increase performance and decrease turnover, while their customers report a more positive experience. Additionally, being more “person-focused” strongly correlates with more effective ethics and compliance programs. These insights can provide a roadmap for the "new normal" as the world emerges from the crisis. How employees and management move forward from this experience will shape the workplace for decades to come.

  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif">Employee engagement
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif">Values-based governance
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif">Organizational culture
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif">Employee relations
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif">Define a values-based approach to corporate governance
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif">Examine the benefits from promoting empathy
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif">Discuss best practices for creating cultural change
  • <span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif">Review strategies for increasing worker satisfaction and productivity
Designed For

<span style="font-family:"Times New Roman",serif">HR Professionals

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