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Relationships Rock! - How High is Your Trust Quotient?

04.12.18 12:00PM – 04.12.18 2:00PM





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General Info

The second of the three currencies of influence leveraged by the best leaders - credibility, trust, and respect - is one that is earned by building the asset of relationships. Relationships are built by an intentional investment in character. What elements of character are most highly correlated with building trust? How high is your trust quotient? How can you enhance it when operating in a diverse environment? Trust us when we say - attend this session! This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions either during or after the event.
  • You will assess your individual trust quotient.
  • Understand how to conduct successful self-assessments.
  • Learn credibility enhancing strategies in being transparent, reliable, caring, aligned, balanced, authentic, even-keeled and a team player.
  • Understand your leadership style through the acknowledgement of the currencies of influence, assets of impact, and investments of intention needed to maximize our trust quotient.
  • Assess individual trust quotient based on the currencies of influence that we have earned from the people around us.
  • Learn to enhance our trust quotient through specific strategies and techniques through individual leadership character traits that build relationships.
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