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Education: 10 New Risks - Elementary to University

03.21.18 2:00PM – 03.21.18 4:00PM





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General Info

*Qualifies for Yellow Book CPE credit* Learn why dozens of teachers, principals, professors and administrators have lost their teaching licenses and some went to prison. This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions either during or after the event.

Analyzing 10 actual cases, learn simple controls that would have prevented or detected fraud and abuse committed by educators.

  1. State auditor suing multiple school to recover as much as 80% of funding
  2. Universities admit cheating in admitting students
  3. Why universities sent fake data to regulators
  4. How a cafeteria worker stole lunch money
  5. How new internal controls at Military Academy allowed fraud, waste and abuse
  6. How compensation systems and non-financial metrics cause A&A risks
  7. How a school stole $2 million from disabled
  8. A simple FREE technique to monitor for education fraud risks
  9. A simple cheap procedure that would have detected a fake teacher
  10. Broker stole $50 million from schools

Learn common controls that are missing in educational institutions that allow fraud, waste and abuse.
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CPAs in public practice, CFOs, finance directors, business and industry, managing partners, compliance officers, risk managers, and regulators
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