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Corporate Psychopaths: 5 Ways to Avoid Hiring One

03.01.18 4:00PM – 03.01.18 5:00PM





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General Info

Psychopaths make up 1% to 4% of the population. While serial killers tend to get the most press, the higher concentration of psychopaths in leadership positions and businesses is a pervasive problem in the workplace. This presentation will discuss the unique characteristics of psychopaths and how their manipulative and deceptive behavior can devastate co-workers and businesses. Tips will be provided on how to best interview individuals to detect people with this personal disorder before they are hired. This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions either during or after the event.
This program will discuss:
  • The tests to recognize psychopathic traits and the industries and professions with the highest percentages of psychopaths
  • Comparisons will be drawn to sociopaths, narcissists, and con artists and the ways they can inflict harm on others
  • Trends in the corporate world that may foster this type of disorder will be discussed, as well as specific interview techniques designed to detect psychopaths.
  • The presentation will also discuss what businesses can do to prevent organizational problems from psychopaths and the response of society at large.
Learn the specific traits of psychopaths. Learn also about the professions and industries with the highest percentages of psychopaths and how to best interview individuals to detect psychopathic traits. A heightened awareness of the pervasiveness of this personality disorder will help your business avoid hiring a psychopath and teach you how to best deal with the problem if it occurs.
Designed For
Anyone who wants to remain sane, CEOs, directors, other corporate officers, CPAs, attorneys, auditors, regulators, business people
CPA Crossings, LLC
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