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Due Diligence & Documentation When Merging CPA Firms

03.15.18 11:30AM – 03.15.18 12:30PM





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General Info

The goal of any two firms combining is to achieve the highest level of success for all, yet much is left to happenstance. This CPE webinar will introduce and focus on key areas of due diligence that are often overlooked or not given proper attention when two firms are considering a merger or affiliation. When these key areas are overlooked, the post-deal opportunity is greatly diminished and the deal has little chance to reach its maximum potential. Suggestions will be made on how to leverage the entire due diligence process for identifying and integrating synergies, pre- and post-merger strategies, the assignment of roles and responsibilities, discussion and effective methods for communication, enabling each firm to understand and buy-in on the expected outcomes for all involved. This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions either during or after the event.

The success of most any acquisition or merger between CPA firms begins, and unfortunately often ends, with the performance of due diligence. The successful and effective performance of due diligence between two CPA firms begins internal to each firm and it has very little to do with the numbers. Effective due diligence is a multi-faceted and comprehensive examination of culture, personality, risk, integration, staff and staffing, tangibles and intangibles as well as the "numbers". We will speak to the following questions and components of effective due diligence:

  • What are the seven (7) Major Focus Areas of Due Diligence?
  • What is considered the "best practice" process with regard to analyzing the opportunities or lack thereof regarding intangible or non-financial information?
  • What should be the key focus of due diligence to maximize efficiency and reduce resource utilization?
  • What due diligence and planning should be performed internally before the external due diligence?
  • What due diligence is rarely performed but is key to maximum value recognition and realization?
  • What are the key review metrics that should transition from the process of due diligence into the documentation phase with the result creating the structure of the deal and delivering a more seamless and efficient transaction, if and after the deal is consummated?

The goal of this session is to give the attendee every opportunity to perform effective and encompassing due diligence thereby giving any acquisition or merger the best possible success potential.
Designed For
Owners or partners of tax and accounting firms considering a sale, transition, acquisition or merger.
CPA Crossings, LLC
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