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Key Integration Issues That Inhibit a Successful Merger

04.23.18 12:30PM – 04.23.18 1:30PM





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General Info

This session identifies why the success of financially solid and well planned mergers is often diminished because of poor execution. After the deal is done, the effective integration of the two firms is frequently left to chance. This session will look at the recurring integration issues that interfere with mergers realizing their full potential. Based on our experience of performing many mergers and integrations of CPA firms, large and small, we will spotlight other common and not-so-common reasons many firms that merge, for any reason, do not realize their full potential. This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions either during or after the event.

We will explore the following talking points:

  • How to use the due diligence process to identify potential integration roadblocks
  • Retaining key employees before and after merger, and taking appropriate action when they leave
  • Establishing roles and responsibilities for the leaders of the acquired firm
  • Mapping and transitioning partner/employee compensation, benefits and personnel policies
  • Addressing gaps in billing rates and procedures, professional practices and quality standards
  • Transitioning client responsibilities and utilization of merging personnel
  • Avoiding the "conqueror" and "conquered" mindset
  • Identifying, implementing and capitalizing on best practices from the acquired firm
  • Identifying the commonalities or differences in the respective cultures of the two firms
  • Determining success probabilities based on due diligence and dialogue between two firms
Obtain valuable insight into the common missteps often experienced when two CPA firms merge. Learn what those missteps are and how to avoid them to produce the best possible outcome for both firms, their staff and clients.
Designed For
Owners/partners of tax and accounting firms that are considering a merger, upstream or acquisition, for reasons of succession, growth or expansion of services.
CPA Crossings, LLC
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