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2-Phase Deal: The Perfect Succession or Acquisition Solution

03.15.18 2:30PM – 03.15.18 3:30PM





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General Info

This CPE session will introduce the "2-Phase Deal" which has been called the perfect solution, for succession or acquisition, by hundreds of small and mid-size firms. Determine why the 2-Phase Deal is the best method of acquiring or transitioning your firm. We will examine the 2-Phase Deal from three different vantage points, that of the acquiring firm, the succession-minded firm and also from the client perspective. This session will demonstrate why the 2-Phase Deal is the preferred deal structure for those CPA's of CPA firms wishing to create an effective succession or acquisition strategy. This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions either during or after the event.
In this CPE session we will address the below questions:
  • What is a 2-Phase Deal and why is it a very effective succession planning or acquisition tool
  • How does the structure of the deal determine the success
  • What are 3-sides of the deal structure and why is this critical to its success
  • What is the benefit and how does this structure extend the client relationships?
  • What are the 12 benefits it provides the succession-minded professional(s)? The practice owner?
  • How does the 2-Phase Deal enable the practice owner to maintain autonomy and control of the relationships
  • What are the 10 key benefits it provides the eventual successor firm
  • How does the 2-Phase Deal enhance practice value for the succession minded professional(s)?
  • How does one determine if the 2-Phase Deal is the best solution for them?
Understand the critical components of the effective and successful transition and integration of CPA firms when done for the purpose of merger, succession or acquisition. You will learn the key fundamentals of effective client relationship transition producing maximum practice value and synergies. Each firm and its owners benefit from the autonomous yet cohesive structure of the 2-Phase deal. Whether buying or selling, learn to use a step-by-step process and establish a unique deal structure that enables all three entities-you, the other firm and the clients-to confidently build trust and establish continuity of service and opportunity.
Designed For
This CPE session would be of most interest to firms of 1-10 partners/owners when there is a succession of 1 or more partners in 5 years or less. If acquisition-minded this CPE session would be of interest to any size firm.
CPA Crossings, LLC
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