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What is the "Realization Rate" of Your Firm's Future Value

04.19.18 4:00PM – 04.19.18 5:00PM





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General Info

This session will take a very unique and comprehensive approach using "Value" as the foundation for each discussion point during this webinar. Significant attention will be given to "Value Perception, Value Misconception & Value Realization". During the past several years, and for the foreseeable future, our world as CPAs in public accounting has and will continue to change. With it, so have the drivers of value, profitability, staffing, succession and the future. Each of these carries its own impact, positive and/or negative, on the "value realization rate". Whether enhanced profitability, succession, acquisition or merger is your "Top of Mind", this session will provide you several review and discussion points to consider as you identify, enhance and forecast the realization rate of your firm's future. This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions either during or after the event.

Everyone wants to know the answer to the question, "What is My Value?" This session takes a look at value from both macro and micro perspectives as we examine individual components and contributors to value:

  • What are key contributors to value variations in the near and intermediate term?
  • What can be done to equalize or minimize those factors?
  • Will there be new value metrics in the next few years?
  • What impact will they have on value?
  • Should you create a value map and if yes, where should you place your "exit"?
  • How is best practice when mapping value to goals and vice versa?
  • At what point and under what circumstances is it best to reduce your value to cash?
  • What role could joint ventures, strategic partnerships, and other non-merger affiliations play in your future value?
  • Organic versus affiliated growth -what is the best course of action?

Identify many different drivers and contributors to both individual and practice value, allowing you to take control of both value and outcome whether you are interested in determining value for sale, succession, transition, acquisition or merger.
Designed For
Owners or partners of tax and accounting firms desiring to enhance both firm and personal value whether for purposes of a sale, transition, acquisition or merger or those with a goal to increase overall firm profitability and attract or retain partners, staff and clients.
CPA Crossings, LLC
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