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Surgent's Excel: Mastering PivotTables (EXPV)

02.21.18 1:00PM – 02.21.18 3:00PM





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General Info

PivotTable is a fancy term for an Excel report that summarizes data. If you have not yet had the good fortune of exploring PivotTables, it is about time. Veteran Excel users familiar with PivotTables may be able to improve productivity by feeding external data directly into a PivotTable. If you have not yet used PivotTables with external data, the time is now. The internet is likely the largest external data source out there, and with Excel's built-in web browser, you can retrieve web data quickly and easily.
  • Explore PivotTable capabilities and functionality
  • Retrieve data from a database and feed it into the PivotTable
  • Pull web tables from web pages into Excel
  • Obtain a basic comfort level using PivotTables
  • Understand the fact that external data sources can feed a PivotTable
  • Use Excel's web browser to retrieve web data
Designed For
Accounting professionals using Excel 2007, Excel 2010, or Excel 2013 for Windows
Surgent Associates, LLC
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