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Surgent's The Keys to the Success of an Organization: The Key to Organizational Success (KEOS)

03.22.18 1:00PM – 03.22.18 3:00PM





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General Info

The first webinar of this series sets the stage for looking at how to be a more successful organization. It explores the concept of success, helps define how that can be best measured, and then looks at the key to what makes one organization more successful than another. Looking at cultures as presented by many leaders in the field, the webinar goes into how the leader can put his or her organization on the path to being more successful.
  • What makes some organizations more successful than others?
  • Which cultures are more successful than others
  • How to put your organization on the path of a successful culture?
  • Why financial people are the key to culture
  • Understand what is the most important aspect to the success of the organization
  • Describe and understand the various cultures
  • See the advantages and disadvantages of different cultures
  • Better understand how to make your department or organization more successful
Designed For
Leaders in for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations looking to foster a culture of success
Surgent Associates, LLC
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