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Surgent's 20/20 Vision: Transformational Leadership and Growth Opportunities for Today and Tomorrow (TRAL)

04.03.18 1:00PM – 04.03.18 3:00PM





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General Info

A commitment to personal and professional development is vital for an individual's and organization's ongoing growth and success. A shared, proactive approach to development is essential to foster a high quality environment, conducive to individual and organizational empowerment. This session is dedicated to helping auditors and other professionals embrace the self-discipline and responsibility necessary for building a foundation for constant and never ending self-improvement. Leadership development begins with continual personal and professional development. When tomorrow arrives, it will be TODAY once again. And as such, individuals and organizations must be prepared TODAY for the ever evolving professional and technical demands of tomorrow. In a few years we will find ourselves in the year 2020. Where and how we arrive and who we will have become as persons, professionals, and leaders by then, will be determined by the "growth" path we choose from this and each day forward. It's time to begin looking ahead with 20/20 Vision, NOW!
  • Self-Leadership: The Foundation Stone of ALL Leadership
  • Owning YOUR Growth: Taking Responsibility/ Being Accountable for Your Performance and Growth
  • Unlimited Growth: Creating an Unlimited (Personal/ Professional/ Organizational) Growth Environment
  • The Positive Energy Paradigm (PEP Talk/ PEP Walk): Becoming a Positive Energy Life Force!
  • The Character of Success: Core Values of Character/ Characteristics of Leadership and Success!
  • The “GO” Method for Leadership Success: How Leaders Show the Way in Helping Their Teams and Organizations Transform Problems and Limitations into Unlimited Growth Opportunities!
  • Identifying Blocks to Your Success: The Power of Awareness / Addressing Inner Conflicts
  • Unconventional Wisdom: Challenging and Overcoming Our Excuses and Self-Imposed Limitations
  • Raising the Bar – Setting Higher Standards: The One Sure Fire Path to (Immediate and Long Term) Improvement!
  • Visionary Leadership: Inspiring and Empowering Our Teams/ Organizations through Leadership Role Modeling
  • Seizing the Day: Maximizing Our Leadership and Growth Opportunities Every Day 
  • Promote individual commitment to ongoing personal and professional development
  • Identify essential skills and disciplines for Leading Today’s and Tomorrow’s Workforce
  • Heighten sustainability awareness by emphasizing the importance and benefits of creating an unlimited personal/ professional and organizational growth environment
  • Highlight strategic opportunities and practical application drivers for enhancing stakeholder value by accentuating the empowering role and impact each individual can have in helping their organizations become the positive energy forces they CAN be!
Designed For
Auditors, and other professionals/ organizational constituents seeking to explore transformational leadership and growth opportunities as they move forward by taking full ownership and responsibility for their own ongoing personal/ professional developmen
Surgent Associates, LLC
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