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Surgent's The Keys to the Success of an Organization: Organize Your Organization for Success (OROS)

04.26.18 1:00PM – 04.26.18 3:00PM





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General Info

Now that we understand what cultures are and which ones are more successful than others, we set out with a plan on how to structure ours to be the culture we want. The first step in change is knowing the direction in which you want to travel. In this webinar, we will look at radically changing the organizational chart, completely revamping our system of titles and job descriptions, and better understanding the issue of loyalty and trust. This webinar is meant for the person who either is, or wants to be, in senior management and can help direct change in the organization.
  • Organization charts and success
  • Titles, job descriptions, salary ranges, and duties
  • Understanding loyalty, trust, and culture
  • How a team should be organized
  • Understand why organization charts can either help or hurt the organization
  • See why some organizations like Walmart has few titles, while banks have many
  • Find the secret to achieving greater loyalty and trust in the department
  • Understand why the human relations polices can either help or hurt the organization
Designed For
Leaders in for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations looking to foster a culture of success
Surgent Associates, LLC
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