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Virtual Recruiting Match-Up

Event Date: September 30

Each year the Recruiting & Career Opportunities Committee of the WVSCPA offers a Recruiting Fair for eligible college/university juniors, seniors or enrolled in graduate school, bringing together numerous employers and students for the interview process. As a result of COVID-19, the traditional in-person WVSCPA Recruiting Fair has now become a Virtual Match-Up!

Note: This process is not a guarantee that our students will receive contact from every employer. The sole purpose of this year’s process is to match employers with quality potential future-hires.

Employers, if interested, will contact eligible students directly to setup phone calls, Zoom meetings, etc. for a preliminary chat or a formal interview.

The students who have submitted their resumes will receive a booklet of firms who are taking part in the Match-Up.

Students MUST be a Student Member of the WVSCPA and are required to meet the established criteria to be considered for participation.  Students meeting the criteria will submit their resume, transcripts (an unofficial copy is acceptable) and an application via the website.  

For more information, contact the Society at or (304) 342-5461. 


If you are an Employer interested in participating in the 2020 Virtual Match-Up, please fill out this file, and return to no later than September 21.


Required Criteria:

  • Be a current or become a Student Member (prior to September 21) of the WVSCPA.
  • Major in the Accounting Field.
  • Have an Accounting GPA & Cumulative GPA of 3.0 of higher.
  • You must currently be a Junior, Senior or enrolled in Graduate School.  (you can specify if you are seeking an internship or fulltime position).  
  • Submit a current resume to the Society.
  • Submit an unofficial transcript through 2020 Spring Semester.  
  • Complete the required application (online) no later than September 25.

While submitting your information, you may save what you have already started and come back at a later time.  Once all information has been provided, you must click the Submit button to finalize and submit your information to the Society office. 

When you are ready to begin submitting your information, click here to access the Student Upload Form.  You must log in to access this form. 

Why participate in the Recruiting Fair?

Watch the video clips below to hear member success stories that started right here with the Society's Recruiting Fair!