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Legislative E-Briefing

The 2nd Session of the 83rd Legislature has concluded. Below are the individual Bills that have passed as of March 12, 2018.







SB 272 --- Relating generally to drug control

SB 273 --- Reducing use of opiates 

SB 290 --- Relating to DEP standards of water quality and effluent limitations 

SB 360 --- Clarifying royalty owned in oil and gas lease 

SB 395 --- Providing for judicial review of appealed decisions of Air Quality Review Board, Environmental Quality Board and Surface Mine Board 

HB 2028 --- Relating to the venue for suits and other actions against the state 

H4002 --- Providing that all delegates shall be elected from one hundred single districts following the United States Census in 2020

HB 4009 --- State Settlement and Recovered Funds Accountability Act 

HB 4013 --- Clarifying venue in West Virginia state courts as it applies to nonresidents of the state

HB 4022 --- Exempting the consumer sales and service tax and use tax for services for the repair, remodeling and maintenance of certain aircraft. 

HB 4145 --- Increasing the annual salaries of members of the West Virginia State Police, public school teachers and school service personnel (LAW)

HB 4187 ---- Business Liability Protection Act (prevents employers from prohibiting firearms in locked vehicles on company parking lots)

HB 4268 --- Co-tenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act (LAW)

HB 4270 --- Providing for the timely payment of moneys owed from oil and natural gas protection

SJR 3 --- Judicial Budget Oversight Amendment