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Outstanding Membership Dues Payment

If you are paying your membership dues beyond the due date of May 31st. Please follow the instructions below on how to pay online.

Outstanding Unpaid Membership Dues

If you currently have unpaid dues and your membership account is suspended, please follow the instructions below to make an online payment to renew your membership and place your account back in good standing.


Log In:  Input your member ID number (3 to 5 digits) and your password and hit LOGIN

User ID: – XXXXX - This information is printed on your original dues invoice.         

Password: – xxXXXXX (password is case sensitive) First Initial of your First & Last Name in lower case and then your user id (no spaces).  This will land you on the Home Page

Click on the MAKE A PAYMENT at the top right corner of your screen (This will take you to the Other Payments page.)  

You are required to enter the following:

  • Member Name
  • List Item(s) Being Paid For – Type “Membership Dues”
  • Firm Name (you may also state, Retired or Unemployed)
  • Amount of Payment - Enter the total balance including
    • Membership Dues
    • Chapter Dues (if applicable)
    • Late Fee of $30.00 (since payment is made after May 31)
    • Comments – simply state Membership Dues
    • Billing Information
      • Name on the Credit Card
      • Address Card is billed to
      • City State Zip
      • Credit Card Number (no dashes or spaces)
      • Expiration Date (mm/yy)
      • CVV (3-digit code on back of card (Visa, MC or Discover or 4-digit code on front of card if paying by AMEX).

The Society office will be notified immediately of your payment and once processed, this will bring your membership account up to date and back in good standing.  

You may contact the Society office if you experience any difficulty

Reinstate your membership account after a resignation or final termination for non-payment of dues

Please click here to access the Reinstatement Application.  Print it out, complete the information and submit to the Society office for reinstatement.