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A-D, P Class: Regular Member Application

Application covers the following: Active members in industry or public practice, Associate members who meet certain criteria as a non-CPA, and Non-Resident as well as Professional Affiliate members. Read the full criteria...

A.   Active member whose principal occupation is in the public practice of accounting, such member having held a CPA certificate as of the beginning of the year for:

A-1.   CPA Certificate held 0 - 5 years
A-2.   CPA Certificate held over 5 years

B.   Active member whose principal occupation is not in the public practice of accounting, as of the beginning of the fiscal year

B-1.   without a license to practice
B-2.   with a license to practice from the WV Board of Accountancy or any other state’s licensing board

C.   Associate (Non-CPA):

C-1.   Junior Associate – Individual who is a recent (0-5 years) college graduate who (a) has not yet applied to sit for the CPA exam but who is pursuing a career in accounting or (b) has applied for/is currently in the process of taking the CPA exam or (c) has passed the CPA exam but is not yet licensed
C-2.    Senior Associate - Individual who graduated from college more than 5 years ago who meets one of the following criteria:

    • Have applied for/currently accepted to take CPA Exam
    • Non-CPA owner of a CPA firm
    • Billable professional in CPA firm
    • WV Public Accountant
    • Individual working under direct supervision of CPA in industry, government, or education
    • Accounting professional in industry, government, or not-for-profit organization

D.   Non-Resident Members – neither works nor lives in the state of West Virginia.

P.   Professional Affiliate Member - Non-CPA Members who have common interests & mutual dependence to make their membership advantegeous to other society members.