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Me, Myself, My Money

The West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants presents Me, Myself, My Money to improve the financial literacy of high school students by introducing basic concepts requisite to responsible personal financial management.

Me, Myself, My Money

The West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants expresses appreciation to the Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants for the development of these materials.

Me, Myself, My Money consists of 10 lesson plans and activities that address budgeting, banking, credit cards, saving and investing, taxes, health insurance, home ownership, and automobile purchases and insurance.

Each lesson plan and activity is aligned with National Learning Standards for high school students (grades 9-12) in business and mathematics, and includes an Instructor's Guide and an Activity Sheet for students.  The Instructor's Guide states the Learning Objectives for each activity, provides Presentation Suggestions for delivering the lesson plan, and includes solutions to the activities. 

Although each lesson plan and activity may be presented independently, should you have the opportunity to present more than one lesson (or all 10) we recommend the following sequence:

All materials associated with “Me, Myself, My Money” are available free of charge to any West Virginia high school.  Contact to request your Instructor’s Guide and CD-ROM by mail or download a copy today!

Downloadable Materials

Lesson Plan




  1.    Who's FICA, and How Come He Gets Part of My Paycheck?


  2.    What Do You Mean I'm Overdrawn? There Are Still Checks in My Checkbook!

Checking Accounts

  3.    The Cost of Credit Cards

Cost of Interest

  4.    How to Live on Your Own... And Not Move Back Home in a Week


  5.    Making it on The Street - Wall Street!

Investment Alternatives

  6.    Money For Nothin' and Bucks for Free!

Stocks and Bonds

  7.    Getting Wheels

Buying and Leasing Automobiles

  8.    Keeping Your Wheels - and You - Rolling!

Car Insurance

  9.    Cribs - How Do I Get Mine?!

Home Ownership

10.    My Broken Leg Costs How Much?!

Health Insurance