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E Class: Educator Application

Non-Licensed Educator Members - Educator teaching accounting or accounting-related courses at college or university.

E. Non-Licensed Educator Members (Non-CPA)

Educator teaching accounting or accounting related courses at college or university

  • EB1 – In-state certified non-licensed CPA educator

  • EC – In-state non-certified

  • ED – Out of state non-licensed certified CPA educator


•  Must be willing to abide by the Code of Conduct and professional ethics of the WVSCPA

•  Are subject to having their membership revoked for acts discreditable to the profession

•  May Participate in all Society activities at the membership rate

•  Are eligible for all benefits of Society membership

•  All in-state certified CPA educators are permitted to vote and to hold elected offices

•  Are eligible to join local chapters, paying chapter dues