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Committee Policies

The duties of Committee shall be assigned to them by the Board of Directors and/or the President of the Society. (Bylaws—Article 8, Section 8.60).

Committees serve at the will and pleasure of the Board of Directors and/or the President of the Society.

The President and the CEO shall be ex-officio members of all Committees except the Committees on Professional Ethics and Nominations. (Bylaws—Article 8, Section 8.50).  

Any action taken by any Committee that binds the Society must be reviewed by the Board of Directors. 

Communications from Society Committees to outside organizations, and/or governmental agencies, that develop or state a position or attitude that would be considered to represent the views of the Society, must be approved by formal action by the Executive Committee before the communication is made. 

This policy is not intended to limit or preclude normal, routine correspondence of Committees, nor is it intended to restrict any individual from expressing his/her personal views.  However, anyone holding a position of leadership in the WVSCPA recognizes that personal views might be confused with official positions.  Members are not to act as spokespersons for the Society unless so authorized. 

Technical Committees may submit comments to the AICPA or other organizations on exposure drafts only if the following disclaimer is present: 

“These comments are submitted by the _______ Committee of the WVSCPAs.  However, the comments have no official status and do not represent either the approval or the disapproval of the exposure drafts by the Society or its Board of Directors.” 

A member seeking publication of an article in an external media publication in which the Society’s name is used must first have the approval of the Committee under which this subject falls and then of the Executive Committee.  This policy does not apply to internal publications. 

Committee members shall not enter into contractual arrangements with conference sites, speakers, or others.  Contracts must be handled through the Society Office.  The Society Office will provide information regarding speaker negotiation and fees.  A preliminary budget should be developed prior to any conference/seminar a Committee may sponsor and discussed with the Society Office before registration fees are established.  All arrangements for conferences/seminars should be covered with the Society Office before any information is disseminated. 

Conferences planned by Committees should be complimentary to the Society’s CPE schedule, not in conflict with them. 

Committees are advised that revenues produced by programs they sponsor automatically revert to the Society. 

Committees may propose changes to the bylaws of the Society.  Such changes shall be submitted to the President in writing for consideration of the Board of Directors. 

Adopted by the WVSCPA Board of Directors, 5/8/03; revised 11/4/05; revised 4/15/10; revised 2/26/13