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Student Membership

The information below is regarding the benefits of becoming a student member, and instructions for applying online.

Have questions about becoming a professional?
Wonder how to bridge the gap between the classroom and the start of your professional career?  Become a Student Member of the WV Society of CPAs.  A student membership provides you with the opportunity to join your professional membership association while you are earning your Accounting degree!  Start building your professional network, developing important contacts for the future and receiving publications and other relevant information on your profession NOW!

How do I join?
If you meet one of the criteria below, you can then complete the Membership Application online, which is the first step in your membership journey.  You will automatically be logged in to your new account once the application is submitted. 

Criteria for becoming a Student Member:

  • You are a full-time freshman, sophomore, junior or senior pursuing an undergraduate degree in accounting or you have completed the first two Accounting Principles courses at a West Virginia college or university
  • You are currently pursuing a graduate degree in accounting at a West Virginia college or university
  • You are an individual working in accounting while also pursuing an accounting degree at a West Virginia college or university

How long may I be a student member?
Your Student Membership may continue for one year following your undergraduate graduation date or for the duration of graduate school if you go directly into graduate school.  If you become employed upon graduation, prior to obtaining your CPA license, you will need to apply for an Associate Membership.  Once you obtain your CPA License, you will become a regular member. 

Is there a membership fee?
The Student Membership has a one-time fee is $20.00 which covers the duration of membership as a student member. 

What are the benefits of becoming a Student Member?

  • Eligibility for Outstanding Accounting Student Awards, providing other criteria are met.
  • Eligibility to participate in the Annual Recruiting Fair, providing other criteria are met.
  • $300 State Society member discount from Becker Professional Education.
  • The West Virginia CPA, the Society’s quarterly newsletter.
  • Eligibility for free student membership in a local chapter of the Society.
  • Attend certain WVSCPA events for FREE - Legislative Seminar and Committee Day. 
  • Network opportunities at Society and Chapter events.
  • Unlimited access to the Society’s website.
  • Targeted Emails from the Society with valuable student information.
  • Eligible to compete for the Accounting Education Foundation's scholarships, provided other criteria are met.
  • Eligible to participate in the Society's contests specifically for student members.

 Yes, I want to be part of The West Virginia Society of CPAs!