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Member Dues & Categories

A-D, P Class: Regular Member Application

Application covers the following: Active members in industry or public practice, Associate members who meet certain criteria as a non-CPA, and Non-Resident as well as Professional Affiliate members. Read the full criteria...

E Class: Educator Application

Non-Licensed Educator Members - Educator teaching accounting or accounting-related courses at college or university.

F Class: Student Application

Student Affiliate Members - Full-time college freshman, sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students majoring in accounting major OR any college students who have completed the first two Accounting Principles courses. (One time membership fee of $20.00 – No annual dues are required.)

P Class: Professional Affiliate

Non CPA members who are engaged in occupations or professions, which the Board of Directors determines have sufficient common interests and mutual dependence to make their membership advantageous to other members of the Society.

Reinstated Members

Former members who resigned or were terminated for non-payment of dues. **Reinstated members must complete and mail an application and cannot apply online.