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WVSCPA's Next CEO Announced

March 15, 2024

Welcome WVSCPA's Next CEO! 


 Members of WVSCPA,

Hello!  Monday, March 18th will be my first day on staff at the WV Society of CPAs and I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I am honored to take over the reins from Judy Proctor in June of this year. Judy has a long history of success at WVSCPA, and I know these are giant shoes to fill. I am excited for this next chapter in WVSCPA’s history and hope to honor the groundwork this membership has laid for years, and also move this fantastic profession forward in years to come. 

I most recently worked for AICPA in state government relations, so I am familiar with many of the issues that you face in your daily practice. While at AICPA, I worked on a number of issues that included tax policy, CPA licensure, and emerging issues, like artificial intelligence and digital assets. I believe my time at AICPA has prepared me for working with each of you.

Before my time at AICPA, I lobbied for various organizations with a homebase of Washington, DC. I spent time working in government affairs in telecommunications and financial services, and started my lobbying career at the Council On State Taxation, which some of you may be familiar with. Before living in DC, I worked in the West Virginia Legislature as an analyst. It was a great start to my career, as I learned the nuance of politics in this state.

I graduated Marshall University in 2006 with a degree in political science and probably too many minors too count – I love learning. Recently, I received my Masters in Public Policy in Administration from Mississippi State University where I learned a wealth of knowledge that I hope to bring to the position at WVSCPA.

I live in Logan County with my husband Christopher, our dog, Dwayne “The Dog” Johnson and two cats, Cleo, and Chessy. When I’m not in the office, you can find me traveling around the country seeing bands like Dead & Co, Phish, and Jason Isbell. Also, I have a passion for travel and have been to over a dozen countries (and hopefully more to come!).


Megan B. Kueck, CEO