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Job Tools

Classified Advertising

WVSCPA members receive a 25% discount on all classified print advertisements in “The West Virginia CPA”. Or advertise your business more prominently through display advertising.

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Find a CPA

If you, your business or your customer need assistance the WVSCPA Find a CPA Referral Service can help. This service is designed to match each request with one or more WVSCPA member CPA firms. There is no charge for using the service. 

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Job Postings

The WVSCPA Jobs Posting Service is offered without charge to individual members of the Society and at a small $50 fee for non-members. If you are an employer looking to expand, then the Job Posting Service may be just the thing you need. Jobs Listingsmay be viewed by anyone. For more information on this service, contact the Society at (304) 342-5461. 

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